Check in at a location, upload an image,
and share the joy with your followers!

Share Your Location

Check in at a Nice Place

Visiting Paris, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam, Hawaii, Sarajevo, Dubai or drinking coffee at your favourite Café? Upload an image, type a description, tap the Post icon and let everyone see the joy of the place!

Find Friends in Real Time

Find Your Friends in Real Time

Check out the location of all the friends you're following on the Feed.
Note that all Placeamarks are deleted after 2 hours.

Find People By Location

Find People by a Certain Location

Type in a name of the location and you ill get a list of all Placeamark users currently marked at that location. Feel free to come once you know who you will meet there!

Get Exact Location

Get Exact Location

Every location has a unique longitude and latitude of the marked place. Find out the exact location of your friends by using integrated Google Maps.

  • Choose an image from Gallery
  • Write a Cool Description
  • Submit the Location
  • Find Your Friends
  • Check Who is Present at a Certain Place

Get Placeamark for iOS

Placeamark is currently only available for iOS users.
We are working on making it available for both Windows Phone and Android users.